About Kwusi

Thinking back to my childhood in West Africa, I have so many fond memories.  I’ll never forget the fun and community of the roadside stalls, as they sold their freshly roasted plantain, grilled fish marinated in chilli sauce, the spiced beef jerky….and oh… those wonderful smells! 

Now, years after relocating to the UK, I yearn for the feeling of my childhood, captured in the unique blend of flavours from my motherland.

As a mum of two toddlers, I’m excited that my boys will create their own memories of the same healthy, tasty food I enjoyed while growing up.

And I’d love to give every family the opportunity to experience those feelings, wherever they are in the world.

That’s why I’ve created Kwusi box – a selection of handpicked healthy snacks and treats with the taste of Africa.

Kwusi means to STOP and INDULGE.

Enjoy snacking without guilt, indulge your senses and create family memories.

Discover Africa through Kwusi – Happy Snacking!