Still need a Valentine’s Day gift? Be my Valentine

Valentines Day is fast approaching.  And with the COVID pandemic, making life difficult for everyone, marking this special day for your special person is extra specially important this year. 

So what can you do to make it special and original this year? Yes, flowers and chocolates are always nice but are not very interesting and are certainly not an original gift. After all, The flowers will wilt and droop in a few days and not everyone will appreciate yet more chocolate as most of us are eating far too much of that already!  

In addition, if you are thinking of buying your squeeze a personalised gift this year, remember a practical present just does not cut it for Valentine’s Day. The whole idea of a valentines day gift is that it should be thoughtful and totally unexpected by the recipient. It has to be right or you might as well not bother. 

If you are stuck for ideas for valentines day, we offer a great solution. Why not send your valentine a unique African snack box packed full of treats from across the African continent? 

Delicious, authentic and totally amazing, Kwusi delivers cool treats and snacks from the heart of Africa that will delight everyone who receives them. And with the Valentines day box reflecting the romantic time of the year, you will not be disappointed. 

A Kwusi Snack Box is an ideal Valentine’s day gift for anyone with African heritage or an interest in food culture. 

If your valentine has an African background a Kwusi Valentines Day Snack box will bring a taste of home. And even if your special person doesn’t have any African roots, he or she can still enjoy the range of exotic flavours and ultra-tasty treats that come from this wonderfully diverse continent. 

African food is exciting and even though you may already love African cuisine there are always new flavours to discover. Kwusi snack boxes are curated with love and include food gathered from all the countries across the continent. So even people who may be familiar with African food will find exciting new products as well as enjoy some old-style favourites. 

The Valentines Day Kwusi snack box is a way to mark this special occasion and can be delivered to your valentine free of delivery charges. . But why not make this a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year? 

Kwusi Snack Boxes; a Valentine gift that keeps on giving! 

If you subscribe to a monthly delivery for your special person throughout the year, every delivery will feel like a special occasion. The contents of the Kwusi’s snack box offer a fantastic variety of African treats and healthy snacks with an ever-changing pack of contents. 

You can tailor your Kwusi snack box to suit your own tastes and requirements. Alternatively, you can order and leave it to us. Whatever you choose, you will not be disappointed. 

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